New Series Announcement: What is Customer Success?

New Series Announcement What is Customer Success

It’s a big question, and one I hear all the time. From college grads looking to get a foot in the door to advisors at VC firms, this continues to pop up.

I started putting together ideas for this article with the intention of jotting down my highest level response to this essential, commonly asked question: What is customer success?

So I started writing… and 10 pages later I had a manifesto that I don’t even think my mom would want to sit down and wade through in one sitting!

That’s because customer success is complex. It’s nuanced, personal to the company or employee, and means so many different things to different people.

After spending the better part of the last decade leading SaaS customer success teams, I’m pulling together my lessons learned, best practices, and tips for how to really embrace this new and very essential function- customer success.

I’m excited to launch these series of articles over the next several weeks, and really excited to hear your feedback!

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