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Decode Your Messaging with Story-Based Marketing

We help complex brands find more of the right type of customers, increase conversions and stand out with clear, relevant brand messaging.

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Brands with incredible products get beat by the competition every day

Whether you’re a startup emerging from stealth mode, or you’re a billion dollar brand, making sure your content stands out to your audience can feel like a game of chance.

But it doesn’t have to.

Powerful marketing for powerful companies. We're proud to serve the best.
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Hi, we're Annie and Kristin! We lead the team of messaging and marketing experts at Decoded Strategies.

Successful brands have no shortage of marketing partners to choose from. And we get it! There are a ton of fantastic marketers out there.

So, what makes us different?

  • We speak the language of complicated technology & services. And we can translate that into simple, clear messaging.
  • We deliver project-based support. No long-term financial commitments. We help you build the right message and strategy that set you up for long-term success.
  • We've deployed story-based marketing to hundreds of brands and are leading experts in the StoryBrand framework.
About Annie And Kristin of Decoded Strategies

The team at Decoded Strategies are dedicated to one singular task:

Equipping you with clear brand messaging that you can deploy with confidence at all levels of your marketing and sales. 

There’s nothing we love more than delivering big wins to our clients. Want to see some Case Studies that show the results of our work? 

Here's how we helped...

Network Partners Group

Achieve a 90% close rate

“Decoded Strategies helped us simplify our message and clearly articulate the value our consultants provide, resulting in a higher price point for our services.”

Karen Polkinghorne - President, Network Partners Group

DreamOn Studios

5x their deal size

“The Brand Messaging Workshop we did with Decoded Strategies flipped a switch for our growth. We’re now pitching deals that are 5x more valuable to us than before.”

Mason Geiger - Founder, DreamOn Studios

Live Crew

Converted 4x more customers with focused messaging

How Decoded Strategies Helped LiveCrew double their website traffic and convert 4x more customers with focused messaging.

Want people to buy from you?

We'll Help You Clearly Communicate What You Sell


Build a powerful & clear brand story


Deploy that message across your marketing & sales engine


Fuel your growth with clarity & consistency

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How much is complex messaging costing you?

Let's create powerful and clear brand messaging that unlocks your next level of growth.

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