How Decoded Strategies equipped DreamOn Studios to 5x their deal value and energize their incredible team.

(and how we can help you, too)

The pros at DreamOn Studios are masters at helping their clients tell stories with world-class video production.

But, when the time came for this talented and growing team to tell their own story...they started to hit some limits.

DreamOn Studios knew they were ready to grow and scale their business. They had all the pieces in place - the right people, the right skillsets, the right equipment, and the right vision. But without a clear brand message, that their team could align around and share, they knew they would miss opportunities that should be theirs for the taking.

It was their turn to tell the DreamOn Studios story. And tell it powerfully.

The Challenges They Were Up Against

(You've likely been there too.)

They needed a clear mission to align and energize their team.

DreamOn has an incredibly gifted and passionate team. But in order to scale, they had to get everyone on the same page about what DreamOn is here to accomplish, and why it matters.

Everyone described DreamOn Studios in a slightly different way.

Word-of-mouth sales is awesome- but can be a big problem when everyone describes a business differently. Without a shared brand message, the team was burning energy trying to decide what to say in a sales pitch.

They knew they were different from the competition, but struggled to articulate how.

DreamOn Studios offers something special and unique to their clients- but describing it can be tough. With a clear and powerful value proposition, they knew they'd see their client base and deal sizes grow.

That's where Decoded Strategies came in

We specialize in story-based marketing: helping companies communicate in the way audiences need to hear.

We knew that DreamOn had an incredible story to tell. They just needed a guide to create a clear brand message using the StoryBrand framework. We spent time with their key stakeholders, listening to them, and helping them build powerful messaging for their business.

"We knew we were on the cusp of massive growth, but what we were doing before wasn't scalable. The Decoded Strategies workshop offered us a thousand little ways to level up our team that have resulted in significant growth for our company."

How we helped DreamOn Studios align their team around their brand story.

(Highlighting a few key projects)

Illustration Depicting Designing and Writing Website Copy
Brand Messaging and Positioning

DreamOn found that they were starting from scratch with every marketing initiative. They were burning energy trying to figure out what to say, every time. Using the StoryBrand Framework, we helped them help them create a clear marketing message that communicates their unique value to customers. Now, their marketing language is consistent, clear, and powerful.

Deliverable: Brand Messaging Workshop and Messaging Brief

Illustration Depicting Cost and Revenue
StoryBrand Training

As DreamOn Studios grew their team, everyone was saying something different about what they offered clients — and this lack of alignment was holding them back from bigger deals. We taught them how to use the StoryBrand framework to create powerful messaging. Now, everyone knows how to develop the collateral they need to win new clients and grow the business.

Deliverable: 1-Day StoryBrand Workshop to align their team around a shared approach to messaging.

Illustration Depicting Email Marketing
Mission Statement Workshop

DreamOn Studios knew they needed a compelling mission and vision to engage and motivate their growing team. This workshop helped identify their mission and ensured everyone is aligned around what it will take to accomplish that mission. Now they have the words to communicate why DreamOn Studios is such a special company to be part of. This is benefiting them across the board - in company morale, in hiring, and in employee retention.

Deliverable: 1-Day Mission Statement Workshop

"The Brand Messaging Workshop we did with Decoded Strategies flipped a switch for our growth. We're now pitching deals that are 5x more valuable to us than before."

What Happened Next

(What you really want to know)

Business Results

5x greater deal sizes

The DreamOn Studios team is now pitching (and winning!) deals 5x more valuable than they were before.

Sales collateral that powers revenue

Creating sales collateral was taking too much time-with new messaging, DreamOn now creates collateral quickly and effectively to close bigger deals.

More retainer clients that grow their bottom line

With DreamOn's new BrandScript, they finally have the messaging needed to confidently pitch retainer relationships and know they'll win the deal.

Team Results

An aligned and energized team

The Decoded Strategies workshops aligned the whole team on the organization's mission, giving everyone the right focus and prioritization to do their best work.

Increased confidence pitching new customers

Empowered with new language that moves the customer towards the sale, the DreamOn team knows exactly what to say to position themselves as the company their customers need.

A solid messaging foundation for everyone

The DreamOn BrandScript is used by their entire team- and even lives on the desktop of their founder! They revisit it often and know that any time they have to say anything about their company —they're using the right words.

"Having Decoded Strategies lead a workshop for us was like watching the two of them putting together a magic trick. Watching Annie and Kristin work, we kept asking ourselves, 'how the heck did they do that!'

(An actual quote)

What DreamOn Studios Founder Mason Grieger had to say about working with Decoded Strategies

"I would tell anyone considering working with Decoded Strategies, it's a no-brainer. We finally know how to articulate our value proposition and are winning bigger deals than ever before because of it. We'll see the benefits of this workshop for years to come."

Get the clarity and alignment you need to unite your team and scale your business.

If you feel like everyone on your team says something different when they pitch your services, and know it's costing you business... There's help. Schedule a call with our team today and we'll teach you a repeatable process you can use to get the clarity and confidence you need to see the growth you know you're capable of.