Ensure sustainable growth for years to come

De-risk your investments by resourcing your companies with powerful marketing and sales strategies.




9 out of 10 startups fail but it doesn’t have to be that way

Illustration Depicting Clear Brand Messaging
Clear Brand Messaging

Ensure your companies have a repeatable brand message that clearly states what they do and how it benefits the customer.

Illustration Depicting Designing and Writing Website Copy
Sustainable customer acquisition plan

Align the marketing and sales approach of each business to ensure sales quotas are hit without risking future churn.

Illustration Depicting Email Marketing
Powerful retention strategies

Churn is the enemy of every startup. Deploy effective retention strategies from day one to set your companies up for future success.

Any of these sound familiar?

You invested in a cool, promising business but most tech companies fail to grow sustainably...

Missed Sales Goals
Beat By The Competition
High Burn Rate
Lost Investments
High Churn Rates
We know investing in startups is risky. But there’s nothing more exhilarating than seeing your startup turn into the next unicorn. Your startups deserve the best possible odds to succeed, long-term

When fighting your way to the next big benchmark, it’s easy to prioritize quick wins at the expense of long term success.

Ensure your portfolio companies are finding more of the right kind of customers who are most likely to stick around for the long run. Set them up for success with aligned marketing and retention strategies from day one.

Add us to your Partner Network

Deepen your bench by offering educational resources directly to your portfolio companies at scale.

Get quick wins with marketing

Equip your team with a killer brand message and marketing content so they can sell the product with ease.

Secure long-term growth with retention

Deploy retention and engagement strategies to make sure customers are successful for the long run.

Services We Offer

Make life easier with simple and powerful marketing and retention strategies that lead to long term success.

Keynotes and Webinar Trainings

Offer free group resources to your portfolio

Group Workshops

Gather founders and execs together who need a little extra edge for an extended workshop

Custom Plan

1:1 marketing and retention strategy and execution for your most in-need startups

By aligning marketing and retention strategies from day one, your companies will thrive.

Sustainable growth
Crushing the competition
Impressive retention rates
Faster time to profitability
Satisfied Board members

The 7 Key Components You Need To Nail Your Positioning and Build a Powerful Value Proposition

The wrong positioning will cost you on every critical front of your business. No more spinning in circles figuring out how to pitch your company. Use this step-by-step guide to nail your positioning and build a value prop that will beat the competition.

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About Annie And Kristin of Decoded Strategies
Decoded Strategies

A Fresh Perspective

Hi, we’re Decoded Strategies. Coming from a background in tech, we know that there is nothing worse than a powerful company getting stuck in the weeds with their brand messaging. If you don’t have the right words, you can’t find the right customers. Then your hard-won customers churn.

As certified StoryBrand Guides, we’ve worked with hundreds of brands to create compelling brand messaging to deploy marketing and retention strategies that work.

Our clients often say, “this is the most common sense advice we’ve heard.” If you have a product that you think is great, but are struggling to find the right words to sell it… We’re here to help you transform techy language into clear, engaging words. I.e. normal person speak.

Why work with Decoded Strategies?

We’ve worked with some awesome clients who love us and our services. Check out what they have to say about us.


"You know you’ve identified a true partner when they blend into your organization seamlessly and add more value than you can put a price tag on. Decoded Strategies was able to take all our ideas and simplify them into cohesive, foundational messaging. I can put my finger on a 10x return on our investment in StoryBranding based efforts, and that number continues to grow month after month."

Karen Polkinghorne

Network Partners

“Kristin was absolutely incredible. She was patient, articulate, insightful, and absolutely an expert in her field. She made us feel heard and respected as she guided us along the journey of finding our story.

If you’re looking to clarify and distill your story into a palatable message that resonates with your team, this workshop is right for you.”


Elizabeth Kuhn


"Decoded Strategies understood our value right away. They helped us craft messaging that was clear, simple, and effective. This took a ton of stress of our shoulders and let us focus on getting our product into the hands of people who need it!”

Emily Jones

What’s the cost of unclear, unaligned marketing and retention at your portfolio companies?

Increasing burn rates
Net MRR going in the wrong direction
Wasted potential
De-risk your investments by equipping your startups with simple and powerful marketing and retention strategies that lead to long term success.
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Storybrand Certified Guide Badge
StoryBrand Certified Guide

Want to clarify your messaging, but aren't sure how?

We've gone through the StoryBrand certification process and have been trained by Donald Miller, J.J. Peterson, and the rest of the StoryBrand team.

Want to learn more about the StoryBrand framework so you can get started communicating more clearly? Let us send you a copy of the Building a StoryBrand book for free!