How Decoded Strategies Helped LiveCrew
double their website traffic and
convert 4x more customers with
focused messaging.

LiveCrew is leading the way with innovative technology that helps retailers get the customer info they need to manage inventory and boost sales.

But in an industry bombarded with new tech solutions, they were
struggling to stand out.

The Challenges They Were Up Against

(You've likely been there too.)

Lacking focus in their marketing and sales content
Listing features instead of
communicating value
Struggling to articulate the
problems they solve for
Without a razor-sharp brand message,they were struggling to
articulate the value of LiveCrew.
"It has been tempting for us to be a "jack-of-all-trades." But when we said, 'We can do everything' or listed all of our features in our content, our messaging lacked focus. And customers weren't paying attention. Decoded Strategies helped us fine-tune the message with precision. We realized the story wasn't about us. It's about our customers and the problems we solve for them. Now we can finally clearly articulate our value prop and customers finally understand how we can help them."

-Jonathan Dory | CEO, LiveCrew

That's where Decoded Strategies came in

We specialize in helping companies implement a storybased framework into their sales and marketing collateral to drive results. Our unique ability to help clients create messaging that breaks through the noise and makes their marketing engine work. The process is fun, simple and repeatable — and helps teams like yours save time and money on your marketing efforts.

How We Helped Equip LiveCrew to
Communicate Powerfully With Retailers:

Illustration Depicting Designing and Writing Website Copy
Brand Messaging Workshop

Without a clear and compelling brand message, the team knew they were missing opportunities. We worked with LiveCrew to use the StoryBrand framework and build a brand message that is highly specific to the needs of their customers. We moved them away from being a "jack-of-all-trades," and instead helped them speak to the problems their customers are experiencing and their unique value proposition. They have successfully used their new brand message to power up their website, LinkedIn presence, and trade show appearances.

Deliverable: Brand Messaging Brief

Illustration Depicting Cost and Revenue
Website Homepage Update

LiveCrew knew that their website was one of the most important places to begin telling their new brand story. We supported them by writing a powerful homepage that has significantly boosted traffic and conversion.

Deliverable: Website Homepage Wireframe

Illustration Depicting Email Marketing
Ongoing Marketing Content

The results from their new content were so compelling, LiveCrew has engaged with Decoded Strategies to create ongoing monthly content. Because we have a solid, foundational message, LiveCrew now has an ongoing content strategy that is cohesive and continues nurturing prospects into customers.

Deliverable: Monthly Content Membership

"One of our Board Members said, 'You have to meet Decoded Strategies.' Because now we have a brand message that really speaks to our customers. We've been able to use that message in every area of our business. And most importantly, we're seeing big results."

What Happened Next

(What you really want to know)

Business Results

2x website traffic
4x customer
acquisition rate
2x tradeshow booth visitors

Team Results

Increased confidence
communicating about LiveCrew
Renewed alignment across
teams around the product roadmap and brand message
More effective and
productive content creation
What Jonathan Dory and the LiveCrew team loved about working with Decoded Strategies

Expert Guidance

"They asked us the right questions to help us make
critical decisions about our brand message."

Project and
Delivery Speed

“The projects didn’t drag on for months or require massive amounts of our time. Decoded Strategies’ process is clear and works seamlessly, with quick turnaround times."


“During our project we had some big realizations about
our product and where we needed to pivot. Decoded
Strategies was flexible and helped us adjust the scope of
our work to make sure we had the right messaging at
every step of our journey.”

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