How Decoded Strategies helped Network Partners Group achieve a 90% close rate

(and how we can help you, too)

Growing a business that delivers new, innovative products and services is complex. We get it.

Scaling a sophisticated business is hard work. But scaling up a business with complex services for industry-leading clients is even tougher. Karen and her team at Network Partners Group knew the stakes were high in supporting the biggest names in the life sciences industry with essential professional services. So they decided to complement their exceptional team with messaging strategy experts to help them get there.


The Challenges They Were Up Against

(You've likely been there too.)

The services are exceptional. But clear, succinct messaging was hard to nail.

With customizable, Enteprise-level services, it’s hard to deploy the right messaging at the right time.

The marketing team is small- but mighty. And they needed a partner to help generate enough of the right kind of content.

Their marketing team needed partnership in scaling content creation to engage with more of the right prospects.

The sales team is powerful. But they were burning energy creating sales collateral from scratch.

Without a shared approach to sales scripts and overcoming objections, their sales teams were spending their energy trying to develop their own messaging, rather than growing key relationships.

The Decoded Strategies Magic

(Their words, not ours)

We specialize in helping companies simplify complex tech jargon into marketing language that gets customers to respond. Our unique ability to break through the clutter and help your team land on succinct messaging will make your marketing work, and empower your team with the confidence they need to close more deals.

How We Helped Network Partners Group

(Highlighting a few key projects)

Illustration Depicting Designing and Writing Website Copy
StoryBrand Training and Execution

Without a solid brand message, teams burn time and energy building messaging from scratch. And they don’t produce the results they know they’re capable of. We trained the NPG team on the StoryBrand Framework to create alignment among their team. Because everyone was on the same page with this strategy, their team finally had a common language to use around marketing efforts.

Deliverable: 2-day StoryBrand Workshop with key stakeholders

Illustration Depicting Cost and Revenue
Sales Team Training

Bridging the gap between company messaging and sales talking points can be a massive undertaking. But it yields exceptional results. We customized a training for their sales team that taught sales reps how to seamlessly overcome customer objections and keep the sales process moving.

Deliverable: Training session for multiple sales teams, sales scripts, and talking points to use in the sales process.

Illustration Depicting Email Marketing
Targeted Communication Campaign

Most companies roll out a price increase without much intention. NPG knew their clients deserved more. We worked with NPG sales teams to build a clear communication plan to ensure they had the tools needed to make this effort successful. We customized a sales training and empowered the team with sales scripts and talking points that helped them effectively communicate their value and corresponding price to key clients.

Deliverable: Team training and communication plan including talking points and sales scripts specifically designed to demonstrate their value

What Happened Next

(What you really want to know)

90% close rate

NPG saw a 90% close rate for the campaign, driving higher price aligned with the value they deliver to clients.

Increased leads and customer engagement

NPG increased new leads and customer engagement by delivering the right content at the right time during the sales process.

Team alignment and unity

With company-wide buy-in on a stellar new brand message, NPG teams experienced a sense of alignment to power their marketing and sales efforts

Confidence boost for an exceptional sales team

The sales team is equipped with a scalable, adaptable messaging strategy to support their efforts- even as the business grows.

Marketing activities that work

With new, fresh marketing campaigns, NPG is engaging with potential clients in new and exciting ways.

Saved time, increased bandwidth

The marketing team knows exactly where to begin and what they need to do to create effective content, freeing up their bandwidth to drive more impact.

"Decoded Strategies helped us simplify our message and clearly articulate the value our consultants provide, resulting in a higher price point for our services."

(An actual quote)

What Network Partners President Karen Polkinghorne had to say about working with Decoded Strategies

"Kristin and Annie have a superhuman ability to take a complicated business and break it down into simple messaging points that our team can consistently deliver with confidence.  The ability to clearly articulate the value our consultants provide, resulted in a higher price point for our services."

Get the clarity and results you deserve in your business

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