How Decoded Strategies helped Securus360 win a new niche market with the right messaging strategy

(and how we can help you, too)

The Securus360 team's knowledge of cybersecurity is unmatched. They are experts in their field.

When they made the decision to focus entirely on K-12 school districts, they knew it was time to distill all of their technical expertise into a clear and powerful message that would stand out to school districts who need their help.

The Challenges They Were Up Against

(You've likely been there too.)

They were pivoting to a new market and needed a new messaging strategy.
Cybersecurity is a saturated industry and it was hard to find the words to stand out.
Technical jargon was not speaking to the true needs of this audience.
Nobody needs cybersecurity more than K-12 school districts. The market opportunity for Securus360 was massive. But they knew they had one chance to get their brand message right.

That's where Decoded Strategies came in

We specialize in helping companies implement a story-based framework into their sales and marketing collateral to drive results.

Our unique ability to help clients create messaging that breaks through the noise and makes their marketing engine work. The process is fun, simple and repeatable — and helps teams like yours save time and money on your marketing efforts.

"Decoded Strategies makes the foundational message solid so when you create the other pieces of the puzzle, everything works together and makes sense."

How We Helped Securus360 get what they needed to pivot successfully.

(Highlighting a few key projects)

Illustration Depicting Designing and Writing Website Copy
StoryBrand Training

Without a clear and compelling brand message, the team knew they weren't quite ready niche down into a new market. We trained the Securus360 team on the StoryBrand Framework to help them create a clear marketing message that communicated effectively to their target market. Because everyone experienced the training together, their team felt aligned and equipped to pivot successfully. 

Deliverable: 1-day StoryBrand Workshop to create their new BrandScript

Illustration Depicting Cost and Revenue
Sales and Marketing Content

After seeing what the StoryBrand Framework could help them achieve, Securus360 quickly requested more work from the Decoded Strategies team. Using this process, we helped their team create:

  • Succinct and effective messaging for each of their personas
  • Web content that speaks specifically to each service they provide
  • Sales enablement content to help their team close more deals
  • Ongoing marketing content that nurtures and converts new leads

Deliverable: Website content, Lead Generator, Email Campaign, Sales Messaging, Sales Pitch Deck

Illustration Depicting Email Marketing
Ongoing Marketing Content

The results from their new content were so compelling, Securus360 has engaged with Decoded Strategies to create ongoing monthly content. Because we have a solid, foundational message to build from, Securus360 now has an ongoing content strategy that is cohesive and continues nurturing prospects into customers.

Deliverable: Monthly Content Membership

What Happened Next

(What you really want to know)

Business Results

Clear product positioning

Securus360 can now position and differentiate their services from their competitors, and truly communicate the value they offer clients.

Increased website numbers

Now that their website is focused on their niche market and communicates clearly how Securus360 can help them, more prospects are visiting their site and spending more time on it.

More proposals sent

With a clear message and new and effective sales collateral, they're getting more leads who are actually interested in their services.

Team Results

An aligned and energized team

In their words, the Securus360 team is "more on the same page internally than we ever have before."

Marketing that feels true to who they are

Where their marketing message once felt cluttered, it now focuses on how they help their clients succeed — what their business is laser-focused on.

Boosted confidence in pitching prospects

 With the simplicity and clarity of their StoryBrand BrandScript, their team now feels equipped to win new clients and serve them well.

What the Securus360 founder had to say about working with Decoded Strategies

"Decoded Strategies helped us distill clouds of information floating around in our heads into a clear concise message that can be conveyed simply. With their fresh set of expert eyes, we got to the essence of what we want to convey to our clients. They've really helped us understand our market in a different light."

Get the clarity and alignment you need to unite your team and scale your business.

If you feel like everyone on your team says something different when they pitch your services, and know it's costing you business... There's help. Schedule a call with our team today and we'll teach you a repeatable process you can use to get the clarity and confidence you need to see the growth you know you're capable of.