Surprise! Your About Us page isn't actually about you

When creating your business website, there is a familiar order of priority. First, you get your homepage done. Then, maybe some pages for products and services. But inevitably, it’s time to write your “About Us” page. 

Here’s a little website secret… About Us pages get visited a lot. And people generally leave them, really fast. Want to know why? Because they aren’t actually interested in where a business founder attended school, how long they’ve been married to their partner, and how their grandpa started the business.

When people visit your About Us page, they are looking for two pieces of information: 

  • Does this business understand the problem I am experiencing?
  • Can they help me solve it? 
  • Have they solved this kind of problem before?

That’s why your About Us page isn’t actually about you… it’s about your customer! 

We've already shared about the importance of messaging strategy on your website. And your About Us page is no exception.

If you’ve been around us at Decoded Strategies for any amount of time, you know we are obsessed with the StoryBrand framework and how to leverage it to make our clients lots and lots of money. If you haven’t read Building a StoryBrand, stop right now and pick up a copy. Or better yet, shoot me an email and I will send you one! Seriously, I believe in it that much. 

But if you are familiar with this framework, you know that the key to marketing success is letting the customer be the “Hero” while the brand confidently steps into the “Guide” role. Frodo’s Gandalf. Luke Skywalker’s Yoda. Batman’s Alfred. 

Customers need to know that you are there to help them win the day. And your About Us page is the PERFECT place to solidly establish yourself as the Guide they are looking for. 

Resist the urge to create an impressive About Us page that showcases your accomplishments and accolades. I mean, sure, brag on yourself a bit, but do that as the Guide, not the Hero. How? I’m so glad you asked. 

I’m going to share with you the magic formula we use to help clients write killer About Us pages… that actually wins more customers.

magic formula to write a killer 'about us' page graphic
magic formula to write a killer 'about us' page graphic (1)
magic formula to write a killer 'about us' page graphic (2)
That's it!
That is a killer About Us page!

It gives you a chance to introduce yourself as the Guide your customer has been looking for. Turn that About Us page into a sales machine. 

Here’s what that means… you get to help more customers solve their problem. Which happily, means more revenue for your business. Hooray for the double win! You deserve it.

Hey - if you try this format on your About Us page, email us and let us know how it’s working. We want to celebrate you and your accomplishments!

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