Creating an email campaign that will get RESULTS.

Let’s be real - no one likes wasting valuable resources. But too many companies go through all the work to gather people’s email addresses (which are GOLD in the world of marketing), only to fail in converting those email addresses into results.

In our comprehensive guide, "The Only 4 Assets You Need To Build A Solid Marketing Foundation," we lay out the importance of having a killer Email Sales Campaign in place to nurture and convert leads.

In this article, we take a deeper dive to lay out all the essential details to create an email sales campaign that WORKS - helping you convert leads and drive sales.

Email Campaigns that work

Email 1: Delivery of the asset

In your first email, you deliver the asset you offered them on your website.

One of the best ways to build a database of email addresses is to offer an asset as an incentive for people to give you their email addresses. This will often appear as a popup when visiting your website.

  • "Sign up for weekly email tips."
  • "Receive our free guide to drive growth."
  • "3 ways to get killer testimonials."

In this first email, remember to keep it short and sweet. You don't need to sell every part of your product or service. Instead, give the guide or PDF you offered, and show them that you are here to serve and help them as they seek to achieve their mission.

However, we encourage adding a P.S. at the end of your email where you remind them of your critical service or product that you hope to lead them to through the email campaign.

Email 2: Problem + Solution

Your second email is all about describing the problem you know your customer is experiencing, and communicating how you solve it..

What is the issue your potential client or customer is facing? What are they dealing with in their business or life that has led them to your website and email list? Clearly communicate the problem you know they are going through, which opens you up to then share how you are well-suited to solve that problem. Remember, the customer is the hero of your story. So be sure to position your message in a way that’s about guiding your customer to success, and not putting your company on a pedestal.


Email 3: Overcome the objection

This is where you can strategically build your email campaign to do some of the heavy sales lifting for you. Any SDR on your team will be able to rattle off several common objections they hear from prospects.

Think through the top objection you have heard from people in terms of using your product or service.

  • "Upgrading my cyber security is going to be too expensive."
  • "Our team is too dependent on our legacy systems to transition to something new."
  • "Relocating our business to a new area is too large of a project."

Once you've named their objection to using your services or product, this is an opportunity to quickly overcome that objection. Show them how you'll make the process easy. Help them understand that while there will be a financial investment on the front end, the savings, in the long run, will be exponentially more significant.

Ultimately, we are casting a vision for them - helping them see a future that they cannot yet see for themselves. In this future, they have courageously overcome (with your help!) their objection, and now they are living in the land of success.


Email 4: Testimonial

Now it’s time to assert your authority. It’s time to empathize with your prospects and let them know you’ve solved this problem before. Here you'll utilize a brief testimonial from someone who has used and benefited from your services or products.

Provide a brief snapshot of what life was like for them before discovering you. This will often tie back into your Problem + Solution email. Then, using their own words, let them share how life has been made better with your help.


Email 5: Sales letter

Now we've arrived at the moment of truth. The previous four emails all played a role in demonstrating that you are empathetic, trustworthy, and capable of helping this person or company overcome the problem that led them to you in the first place. Now it's time to close the deal.

Your sales letter is usually your most extended and thorough email. It will often encompass elements of the previous four emails as well.

Begin by restating the problem they are facing, and show them that you understand, empathize, AND that with your help, they can overcome it. Identify a few pain points in this section to show them you know how they feel.

Next, clearly state how you believe it should be for them.

  • "At (insert company name), we believe that you deserve data security that keeps your company safe and helps you sleep better at night."

Follow this by letting them know precisely what they need to do to do business with you. Provide an easy 1-2-3 step process that they can follow.

  1. Schedule a free consultation today.
  2. Select a data transition plan that works for your business.
  3. Migrate your data with ease.

Once they know the plan, it's time for the final piece of the puzzle - showing them how it will be once they do business with you. Verbalize what success looks like. Help them see how great it will be! Give a brief statement on the failure they want to avoid.

In your final sales email, you want to be as clear and direct with your call to action as possible. Right now isn't the time to be vague or unclear. BUY NOW. SPEAK WITH AN EXPERT. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE DEMO.

Think of your first four emails as baiting the hook. Your final email is where you boldly cast that hook and get excited for all the bites it will get you!

In Conclusion:

And there you have it! You are ready to create your very own Email Sales Campaign. We'll follow up shortly with our Email Sales Campaign Best Practices, where we share with you strategies that have helped us see great success with our email campaigns.

Believe me when I say an email sales campaign following this model will get you results. And who doesn't like results?

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